Do you want to make the locals smile, feel flattered and surprise them? Well, this is for you! If a foreigner in Malaysia utters even a word of Malay, the locals LOVE it, feel pleasantly SURPRISED and absolutely FLATTERED. Some of our students say the locals light up and smile from ear to ear. Some literally danced when one of our students used her Malay (she only said some numbers in Malay) in a shop to save the shopkeeper’s embarrassment for not being able to speak English.  VIP treatment is almost guaranteed on top of that, not to mention the ‘showing-off’ opportunity to your visiting friends and relatives?


According to Taidin Suhaimin, a lecturer in Sabah, Malay language is now the world’s 4th most widely spoken language.  Today, about 300 million people in the world speak in Malay.

There are 4 nations where Malay Language or Bahasa Melayu is the national language. The countries are: Malaysia – (Bahasa Malaysia / Melayu),  Indonesia – (Bahasa Indonesia), Brunei Darussalam & Singapore – (Bahasa Melayu) – the home of about 275 million people.

Other places where Malay language is widely spoken are: Southern Thailand, Southern Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.


In an article by Chu Chin Kwok, a member of the Helium Network who has vast teaching and cultural experience in Asia, Malay is the easiest language to learn in Asia, if not in the world.

If you would like to learn the spoken Malay, it’s even easier! Here are some amazing facts:

• Words do not have genders

• Verbs are not conjugated to change tenses

• To indicate tenses, just add a key word. There are only 3 tenses : past, present and future ( past perfect, present continuous tense – throw them out of the window!)

• Nouns do not need to be pluralised if there are indicators (like quantity)

• Nouns are pluralised merely by repeating the same word

• Off springs of animals are only denoted by the word ‘anak’ (Kittens for cats? Puppies for dogs? Forget it!)


At Als Language you will have fun learning not just the language but also the culture of the Malays. We only teach the Malay Language, so it’s pretty much specialised! We also give private tutoring at a reasonable rate.