Learning some Bahasa as an expat has helped me understand Malaysia culture and history in a new way, and it has been really satisfying to use the Bahasa I have learned in class in shops and in the markets. I highly recommend these classes!

Cheryl Dodwell


This class is much more useful than I expected. The teacher explains fully about the language, grammar and even short forms and some history about some of the words of Malay language. The class includes excellent books, glossaries and dictionaries with pictures which is very useful. In this course you will learn at least 500 to 1000 Malay words. I absolutely recommend this course.

Shahryar Alami

I really enjoyed the Bahasa lessons from Cikgu Hanipah. She is a good teacher and linguist, a quick and critical thinker and she can take and make a joke. It has been a while since I have enjoyed studying this much.

Babette Rijsenbrij

Mas taught us language that we could put to use on the street immediately. Without a huge effort from our side, she empowered us to communicate with people throughout Malaysia and even Indonesia. She also unravelled cultural mysteries…no issue was off-limits

Louise and Richard Larrabee