Malay Language Classes


The objective of the program is to enable expatriates to converse in Bahasa Malaysia at functional level as well as providing insight into ways of Malaysian life as language is the best reflection of culture. From zero knowledge to advance.

English is used as the medium of instruction.

Online classes via Skype or other applications are available for students who have acquired some basic Malay.

The course materials include : A text book, a conversational CD, a conversation book, a Pictionary and a glossary.


Each session runs for 1.5 hours minimum

Total number of instruction is 30 hours per intake. After the completion of the course, students are welcome to continue to higher levels following the level of proficiency desired by the students.



Estimated time : 30 hours

Chapter 1 Theme Vocabulary and Grammar Conversation
  Things in the room This, that, what? Who? Conditional questions,Open questions Greetings
Chapter 2 Numbers How much? There is/are, Only, I, you, to have, to own At the shop
Chapter 3 People OccupationNationalityFamily members Getting acquainted
Chapter 4 Positions Where? Possessives, Preposition ‘at’. My house
Chapter 5 Food and Drinks Verbs, When? Future tense At the hawker stall
Chapter 6 Time and Dates Telling time, How Long? Days of the week, months Buying a plane ticket
Chapter 7 Giving directions Turn left, right, straight, junctions, landmarks In a taxi

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