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Our mission is to provide classes  which are fun and interactive. The classes are small, thus, it provides the opportunity for personal interaction. Nothing is more fulfilling to the teachers than to empower the students with knowledge and confidence to speak.

Majority of the students are learning Malay from zero knowledge.  From not knowing any Malay to being able to converse gives immense satisfaction to the teachers. Therefore, we will stop at nothing to ensure the students feel that the time spent learning with us is totally worthwhile.

Our instructors have international exposure. They have the experience in understanding your needs as a foreigner and serve as a link for you to understand our culture through learning the language. After all, language is a refelction of the culture and most importantly, we pride in giving personal attention. Thus, apart from teaching the Malay language, we help to let you see through our eyes what to expect in adjusting to our culture.


15 years and counting….

We have been fortunate (in the past and currently) to serve high-level executives and/or spouses from

  • Maersk Shipping
  • Loreal
  • The International Heral Tribune
  • The Associated Press
  • Danone
  • Nestle
  • Dutch Lady
  • The Australian High-Commission
  • The German Embassy
  • The Netherlands Embassy
  • Shell
  • Volvo
  • The Delegates to the European Commission
  • The American Embassy
  • Volunteers at the National Museum

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